Where to start...?

I play the fiddle.

I like the way it sounds in a group. I like playing low and slow, padding out harmonies; I like riffing behind good singers; I like to drive a rhythm into a listener's head and body; I like to lay down a melody like it's the one true thing in the universe; and I like to share the joy that playing fiddle brings me with everyone around.

I play with my friends. Together, we make bands of people who like the same things and work together to make those things happen. Our bands have names like Lonesome Ace Stringband, Foggy Hogtown Boys, and John Showman And Friends (go figure). I've been lucky enought to be a part of bands that have gone on, bands called Nobody You Know, The Creaking Tree String Quartet and New Country Rehab.

I play all the time in Toronto. i also play across Canada, the US and Europe. I love touring: meeting, seeing and sharing music with new places and people is a great way to spend my time. I also love to play close to home in the city. I'm a family man - I have a beautiful and smart wife, Georgina, and two little boys, Arthur and Simon. 

I've been playing fiddle since I was 6. I was the last kid into the music room in grade 1 and it was the only instrument that nobody else had picked up...so I picked it up. I sounded good. My parents started getting me lessons and I began playing classical violin. I kept at it for years and years - until I was 19 and couldn't get excited about it anymore. I quit and gave it up for dead. A few years later, while finishing up an arts and commerce degree in Montreal, I heard a recording of Irish fiddle player Kevin Burke and saw my first live traditional band at Hurley's pub. That was 21 years ago. I haven't had a job ever since that didn't involve playing fiddle.